Ever since he left professional basketball, Roger Esteller has been serving different positions and functions of his sports training –MBA in Sports Business Management and Superior Coach Basketball- and social awareness.

In recent years, Roger Esteller has deepened in his training and motivational interests, giving lectures, talks and workshops to different groups: athletes, parents and scholars, university students, managers, entrepreneurs, administrations… His main arguments are teamwork, corporate social responsibility, social integration through sport, and achieving success and reaching goals, both personally and professionally.

From his experience as a top sportsman, Roger Esteller has developed his own motivational methodology, called “Si Vis Pacem”, which is the basis of a motivational philosophy he teaches as a consultant.

“I am passionate about training. What’s more, I also enjoy my work in the field of management. However at this point I am now focused on my role as motivational consultant, just for the fact that I feel that I can help other people achieve their goals”.

“The pursuit of success, the continuous goal” workshop

A practical workshop in which participants, according to their interests, receive tips about leadership and knowledge in order to succeed in life.

“The pursuit of success…” provides unique and practical tools, both in the diagnosis and in the process, to help entrepreneurs and managers achieve success.

Through this workshop, Roger Esteller turns the entrepreneur or the manager into a successful “player”.

“In life you never know in life at what point you will stop winning, or which one will be your last title. Therefore it is necessary to work hard and never stop.”


The workshop is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Global immersion in the “Si vispacem, para bellum” methodology, with analysis of the most demanded issues of the participants. Diagnosis through the “motivational balance”.
  2. Discussion of the original process “GO-WAR-TO-ACTION”,focused on reaching goals.
  3. Analysis of the three self-motivational core ideas: self-criticism, self-esteem and self-discipline. Commitment action and results.

Full day workshop.


Addressed to managers and entrepreneurs.


“All For One…One For All”

“Corporative social responsibility”

“Sport and Values”

One for all and all for one. As the three musketeers said in Dumas’ novel, “One for all and all for one”. Through this conference, Roger Esteller extols the values of teamwork and shows the way to success when the individual is at the service of the group, and the group at the service of the individual.

Sport as a social integration tool. The Corporative Social Responsibility. Roger Esteller separates the benefits of sport for people who are at risk of social marginalization, and at the same time, educational and therapeutic value of sport. He also instills in people and in businesses the need to influence companies on their corporative social responsibility.

Kids, parents, clubs, federations, institutions, the mass media… Roger Esteller separates values of sport in all elements of the training environment, including children, their parents, the many different clubs and federations as well as the institutions and the media.

1 session of about an hour and a half.
Addressed to sport clubs and businesses.

1 session of about an hour and a half.
Addressed to sport clubs, social organizations and businesses.

1 only session of about an hour and a half.
Addressed to sport clubs, parents and scholars and federation and institutional estates.

“The groups that really work, those who succeed, are those who make all the components feel like important parts of the team, whatever their role may be”.

“Sport speaks a universal language. It is the best vehicle to unite people of different races, cultures and social groups. It is important we all blend with each other so we can have the same opportunities.”

“Educating our children is the best way to prevent future socialization problems. Prevention is better than cure.”

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